Video mapping Toyota

Miami / US

November 2016

Video mapping Toyota

For the launch of the all-new 2016 Toyota Avalon, Toyota’s ad agency tapped bluemedia acquisition, Digital Media Etc. and NuFormer, for ideas on how to make their presence at Art Basel 2015 a memorable one. Art Basel, is an annual celebration of art, music, food and culture, hosted annually in Miami. The festival is a priority for Toyota, as it seeks to engage an audience of young, creative influencers. To express the spirit of both the Toyota Avalon brand and of Art Basel, NuFormer conceived and produced a 3D projection mapping experience that had attendees immediately reaching for their mobile devices.

Using an actual Toyota Avalon as the canvas, the experiential media company projected beautiful, free-form animated sequences and road trip scenery – all set to music – onto the vehicle’s flat white exterior. With a shifting, ever-changing collage of colors and image, the concept was a hit, and the event garnered the desired buzz around Miami and on social media.


Bluemedia acquisition, Digital Media Etc. and NuFormer