Video mapping MAKING THE CUT

Tokyo / Japan

January 2021

Tokyo, Amazon Fashion Studio.
The location where parts of the second episode of the popular TV series MAKING THE CUT, presented by Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn, was filmed.

Inside the building, a specific stairwell was the setting where the models walked on, showing the outfits that the fashion designers created in the competition.

The decor for the film shoot had to be digital and NuFormer was assigned to create such a digital decor by top-level 3D video projection mapping.

The sides of the stairwell were the canvas for our projection mapping. The light situation on the set was fully under control which resulted in a color-rich projection with high contrast. For the designers, there were 6 themes to choose from: fire, underwater, geometry, nature, universe and circuit board.

This video shows the projection mapping content like it was exposed during the shoot

The full MAKING THE CUT episode as well as the complete series are broadcasted first on Amazon Prime, followed later by multiple fashion channels worldwide. The full series and the different episodes can now be seen on Amazon Prime.

Many thanks to all the people that we worked with in this exciting project and especially SKR Productions for the splendid directions in the process and Creative Factory for the great cooperation in the creative and technical realization of this production.